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Accreditation of TP

Author:Kaushalkar|November 3rd, 2018

Accreditation is a process of quality assurance and improvement. It provides quality assurance that the aims and objectives are honestly pursued and effectively achieved by the resources available, and that the TP/TC has demonstrated capabilities of ensuring effectiveness of the programme(s), over the validity period of accreditation.

3.3.1  Objectives and benefits of accrediting TP

  1. To ensure that the TPs have the financial stability to impart training through the accredited TCs
  2. To ensure that the TPs have all the legal compliance
  3. To ensure that the TPs meet required standards to impart training as per the guidelines

3.3.2 Benefits of accreditation

  1. Only accredited TPs can commence training as per Chief Minister’s Kaushalya Karnataka Yojane
  2. Trainees of the accredited TPs are entitled to receive Industry recognized training, assessment and certification upon successful completion of training and assessment.
  3. Imparts confidence to the trainees, their parents/guardians
  4. Imparts confidence to the industry to employ trainees skilled by accredited TPs

3.3.3   Evaluation of Application for accreditation of TP:

Upon successful submission of TPAF and registration of TP, the evaluation of applications for accreditation of TP shall be done as per the evaluation process prescribed in para 3.3.4 and the Scoring matrix as per para 3.3.6 by the Accreditation Evaluation Sub- Committee. The Accreditation Evaluation Sub-Committee shall also verify the documents submitted online by the TP.

  1. The Accreditation Evaluation Sub-Committee shall comprise of the following:
  1. Commissioner DITE – Chairperson
  2. Commissioner C & I or his/her representative – Member
  3. Commissioner Entrepreneurship & Livelihood – Member
  4. Director Skill Mission – Member Secretary
  5. Any other member to be co-opted as deemed necessary by the committee.

2. This committee shall forward/submit its recommendations to SLEC, which shall take the final decision within 15 days (fifteen days). The SLEC shall consist of the following:

  1. Secretary / Principal Secretary/ ACS, SDEL – Chair person
  2. Commissioner Entrepreneurship & Livelihood – Member
  3. Director Skill Mission – Member
  4. Commissioner DITE – Member Secretary
  5. Any other member to be co-opted as deemed necessary by the State Level Evaluation Committee (SLEC).

3.3.4  Evaluation process to be followed by Accreditation Committee

a. There will be an Accreditation Evaluation Sub-Committee and it shall verify the details of all sections – General, Financial and Skilling Experience separately and in detail as per Scoring matrix in para 3.3.6. The committee shall verify the documents submitted by TP. The authenticity and veracity of the documents shall be established as far as possible. In case of any doubt with respect to the documents, TP may be asked to submit the original for verification.

b. The committee shall forward/submit its recommendations to SLEC along with the Provisional Accreditation Certificate of the TC with the method of Grading / Marks as prescribed in para 3.3.5

3.3.5 Process of Accreditation and Grading of TP:

  1. The Training Provider will be scored against details uploaded on Kaushalkar.
  2. The Training Centers/ Mobile Training centers will be scored after inspection.
  3. Job roles with scores of 70 and above will be considered accredited for the particular TC.
  4. The average score of TC = total score of job roles/ number of job roles
  5. Score for TCs will be determined after inspection of the concerned DSM officer.
  6. The Average score of TP = 40% * TP score + 60% * Average TC/ MTC score
  7. If the TP has more than 1 TC, then average score of TC =

Avg Score TC1 + Avg Score TC2+………. + Avg Score TCn/ Number of TCs

  1. The score of TP determines overall grading
  2. The terms TC and MTC are used interchangeably only with regards to scoring and gradation.
  3. For grading of additional TCs or Job Roles after initial accreditation, only the score of the additional TC with respect to the Job Role will be considered provided it is above the average score.

3.3.6 Scoring matrix for TP

Scoring Matrix for TP is categorized into 3 – General, Financial and Skilling  Experience with a cumulative score of 100 as per details below.

    Details Score Maximum Score
Category: General
1 Type of Training Provider Main Business / Background of the TP Non Skilling Non Educational 0 5
Non Skilling Educational 2
Industry 2
Skilling Non Educational 4
Skilling & Educational 5
2 Past Experience in Skilling. New TP   0 5
Existing TP I yr 1
2 to 5 3
5 and above 5
3 Current States of Operation   Other than Karnataka 3 10
Karnataka only 5
Karnataka and any other state 8
Karnataka and more than two other states 10
  Total (General) 20
Category: Financial


Average Turnover  of previous three years   < 2 crore 2 10
2 cr – 5 cr 4
5 cr – 10 cr 8
> 10 cr 10
2 Average Profit  of previous three years for non NGO’s   < 2 crore 2 10
2 cr – 5 cr 4
5 cr – 10 cr 8
> 10 cr 10
For NGOs NA 5
  Total (Financial) 20
Category: Skilling Experience
1 Number of Years of Experience in Skill Development  *   Nil 0 10
< 3 yrs 3
3yrs to 5yrs 5
> 5 yrs 10
2 Number of Trainees Trained for previous three years Govt. Funded < 250 2 20
251 – 500 10
501 to 1000 15
>1000 20
3 Number of Trainees Trained for previous three years Other than Govt funded < 250 1 5
251 – 500 2
501 to 1000 4
>1000 5
4 Number of Trainees Trained for previous three years Self Paid < 250 1 5
251 – 500 2
501 to 1000 4
>1000 5
5 Total Placements (previous three years cumulative) Percentage of trainees placed vis-à-vis enrollment in TP < 29 % 1 20
30% to 49% 5
50% to 69% 10
> 70        % 20
  Total (Skilling Experience) 60
  Number of Owned Training Centres Maximum 15 marks 1 Grace marks for each
  Number of Fully leased Training centres* Maximum 10 marks 1/2 Grace mark for each


3.3.7   Parameters for accreditation of TP

The TP having the grade B+, A or A+ shall be eligible for provisional accreditation. The TPs with grade B and C shall not be eligible for accreditation. These TPs, however, can improve and apply again after a minimum period of 3 months (three months) from the date of rejection. In the event that there is no TC in a particular geographical location in Karnataka, State Skill Mission can consider TPs with grade of B in such location. Provisionally Accredited TPs must deposit requisite fees to receive final Accreditation.

3.3.8   Communication of accreditation to TP

  1. Based on the evaluation of the application and final decision of SLEC, status of accreditation shall be communicated online to the TP’s registered email ID
  2. The accredited TP will be intimated to sign a MoU with Director Skill Mission
  3. Accreditation Certificate will be hosted on the portal (downloadable).

3.3.9   Validity period of accreditation of TP

Accreditation of TP will be valid for a period of 3 years unless otherwise cancelled /suspended by the department.

3.3.10     Accreditation fee for TP

The general accreditation fee for TP shall be Rs 50000/- (Rupees Fifty thousand only) and shall be non-refundable. The applicant can pay through bank challan or NEFT or through online payment to the account of SKILL MISSION OF KARNATAKA.  If the fee is not received by SDEL, the application shall not be considered for accreditation.  Accreditation fees has to be paid as per Annexure C

Government Organizations/Institutes are exempted from submission of Accreditation Fee. The accreditation fee shall be 50% of the general accreditation fee for TPs fully owned by SC/ST/Women/PWD/Minority. For this purpose the owner and all partners in case of a partnership firm must give documentary proof attested by a Gazetted Officer.


  1. SLEC shall authorize an officer not below the rank of Deputy Director to perform operations on the web application with respect to approval/rejection of application for accreditation as decided by SLEC.
  2. If the TP is not accredited, it shall be communicated to the concerned TP.
  3. The concerned TP shall have the option to re-apply for accreditation after 3 months. No extra/ additional fee is required to be paid. The TP will be placed in the “Re-application Category” for this period. If it fails to reapply within three months the TP will be de-registered.
  4. If the accreditation is rejected for the second time also, the TP shall be barred from applying for period of 1 year. Further application shall be treated as a new application and requisite fees shall have to be paid accordingly. The TP will be placed in the “Failed Category”. However, on second rejection the TP will have the opportunity to appeal within 30 days of the second rejection to the ACS & Development Commissioner & Chairperson Empowered Committee who after giving reasonable opportunity will pass such orders as he may deem fit.

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