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Bank Guarantee

Author:Kaushalkar|November 7th, 2018
  1. The Bank Guarantee for the batch which is linked to outcome would be released to the Training Provider subject to the following:
  2. Employment (both wage and self) on an annual basis of at least 70% of the successfully certified trainees within three months of completion of training, with at least 50% of the trainees passing out being placed in wage employment;

     Provided that the SDEL Department will have freedom to alter the percentage of wage and self-employment based on specifics of the scheme that have been designed exclusively for self-employment/ entrepreneurship, nature of activity, local economy, social conditions, etc.

  1. In case of wage employment and recognition of prior learning, candidates shall be placed in jobs that provide wages at least equal to minimum wages prescribed and such candidates should continue to be in jobs for a minimum period of three months, from the date of placement in the same or a higher level with the same or any other employer. Proof of appointment letter and pay slip for 3 months should be provided for this.
  2. In case of self-employment, candidates should have been employed gainfully in livelihood enhancement occupations which are evidenced in terms of trade license or setting up of an enterprise or becoming a member of a producer group or proof of additional earnings (bank statement) or any other suitable and verifiable document as prescribed by the SDEL Department.

(ii) Bank Guarantee of Training Provider will be released on pro rata basis on achievement of 50-69% placement of those who have been certified with at least 50% minimum wage employment of the certified trainees within three months of completion of training in case of fresh entrants.

(iii) Training provider will be asked to discontinue the training in that particular trade/centre and will be paid only on pro rata basis, if the outcome achievement over the period of one year in case of fresh entrants/ 14 months in case of reskilling and upskilling, is unsatisfactory as defined under:

  1. 49% and below placement of those who have been certified with at least 50% minimum wage employment of the certified trainees within three months of completion of training in case of fresh entrants.’
  2. 49% and, below number of certified candidates with increase of at least 3% n remuneration within 14 months in case of reskilling and up skilling.
  3. 49% and below number of formal recognition and certification of experiential training in vocational trade or craft leading to appropriate increase in wages in the respective skill category of the candidate for immediate and subsequent production cycle or meets the conditions provided under Para 5.5.3 (c) above in case of self-employment. In the case of such disengagements, the SDEL Department would take a prompt decision, after careful consideration of all related factors with respect to performance, whether to disengage such Training Provider from implementation of the Scheme/Project. The de-empanelment by SDEL Department would be done for the trade under advice by the Director Skill Mission to the SDEL Department. This would be intimated to all the departments undertaking Skill Development Programmes and not to engage this training provider. The training provider would get an opportunity to re-apply for empanelment for the training after a gap of at least one year from the date of notification of de-empanelment by the SDEL Department.

Note: All payments shall be made on submission of pre-receipted invoices by the TP in duplicate for the respective stages.

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