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Customer care Executive (Telecom Call Centre)-Assessment Criteria

Author:Asha|March 14th, 2019

Annexure: Assessment Criteria

Assessment Criteria
Job Role Customer Care Executive(Telecom Call Centre)
Qualification Pack TEL/Q0100, V. 1.0
Sector Skill Council Telecom


Sr. No. Guidelines for Assessment
1 Criteria for assessment for each Qualification Pack will be created by the Sector Skill Council. Each Performance Criteria (PC) will be assigned marks proportional to its importance in NOS. TSSC will also lay down proportion of marks for Theory and Skills Practical for each PC
2 The assessment for the theory part will be based on knowledge bank of questions created by the TSSC.
3 Individual assessment agencies will create unique question papers for theory part for each candidate at each examination/training center (as per assessment criteria below)
4 To pass the Qualification Pack, every trainee should score overall of 70%.
5 In case of successfully passing only certain number of NOS’s, the trainee is eligible to take subsequent assessment on the balance NOS’s to pass the Qualification Pack.


Assessable Outcome Assessment Criteria Total Mark (400+100) Out Of Marks Allocation
Theory  Skills Practical
1. TEL/N0100 (Attend/Make customer calls) PC1. attain minimum call login time/dials/customer contacts and attendance for the number of days specified 100 10 10 0
PC2. balance total number of minutes spent talking to the customer, within specified limits 20 5 15
PC3. restrict total number of minutes customer is put on hold, within given time limits 20 5 15
PC4. attain total number of minutes spent wrapping up calls / notations/tagging within given time limits 25 5 20
PC5. achieve minimum typing speed and accuracy as specified for the job role 25 5 20
TOTAL 100 30 70
2.TEL/N0101 (Resolving customer query, request and complaint) PC1. categorize customer’s interaction as a query, request or a complaint 100 15 15 0
PC2. verify customer’s details for any account related information 20 10 10
PC3. obtain sufficient information from the customers to login their query, request or complaint 20 10 10
PC4. address customer’s query, request or complaint on the basis of categorization 10 0 10
PC5. provide estimate of resolution time to the customer, if an immediate solution cannot be found on-call 15 5 10
PC6. record the customer’s interaction as a query, request or a complaint 15 0 5
PC7. refer problem to a supervisor/floor support/manager, if unable to resolve on-call 5 5 0
PC8. resolve at least 80% of first level complaints at front end, without any further escalations 10 5 5
TOTAL 100 50 50
3.TEL/N0102 (Develop customer relationship) PC1. categorize customers as per their value and urgency of his Q R C and provide quick response 100 8 4 4
PC2. capture customer feedback in a timely manner 4 0 4
PC3. exceed the specified maximum level of customer satisfaction scores and ensure instant customer feedback 8 4 4
PC4. provide complete resolution and escalate where necessary, to minimize repeat call percentage 10 10 0
PC5. adhere to organizational guidelines w.r.t. to ACHT and AHT
5 5 0
PC6. reassure customers of service promises made by the organization 10 5 5
PC7. balance customer’s expectations with the organization’s service offerings 15 10 5
PC8. give additional information to customers in response to their questions and comments about the service 10 6 4
PC9. initiate greeting in customer’s preferred language and switch to language spoken by the customer on-call 5 0 5
PC10. avoid use of jargons, slangs and technical words 5 3 2
PC11. maintain a flow of conversation keeping the caller informed of action being taken 8 4 4
PC12. educate customers about new offers/products/services, as per their usage pattern and specific needs 10 5 5
PC13. maintain appropriate levels of confidence of customer data, throughout the call 2 2 0
TOTAL 100 58 42
4. TEL/N0103 (Report and review)) PC1. review individual call login time/number of dials/customer contacts/attendance for the review period 100 30 20 10
PC2. comply with parameters like opening greeting, security checks, closing greeting, hold/transfer/escalation protocol, first time resolution % age and complete &correct tagging/wrap up 40 25 15
PC3. analyse self-reports like update on AHT, login time, CRM report andensure the same is reviewed with the immediate superior 30 10 20
TOTAL 100 55 45
5. TEL/N0104 (Proactive selling) PC1. probe customers to understand their buying behaviour and needs
100 25 10 15
PC2. navigate through customer’s account history to identify the usage pattern
25 0 25
PC3. identify opportunity to pitch relevant products/services 15 5 10
PC4. offer customized solution from the range of products/services available with the organization 35 15 20
TOTAL 100 30 70
Grand Total 500 500 223 277
Percentage Weightage:   40% 60%
Minimum Pass% to qualify (aggregate):   70%



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