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Process of registration of TPs/TCs already accredited by other Government departments

Author:Kaushalkar|November 5th, 2018

a. The following possibilities arise with respect to other Government departments:

  1. The department has registered pool of TPs and TCs viz. NRLM, NULM etc
  2. The department itself is a TP with various TCs registered with it viz. Keonics etc
  3. The department itself is a TP and TC viz. KGTTI, CEDOK, GTTC, DET and ITIs etc 


b. For the all the three possibilities outlined above, the following process shall be adopted for registration of those TPs/ TCs on

  1. A separate login shall be created for each government body with two roles. One role to enter the details of TP/ TC and other to approve the TP/ TCs.
  2. The government body shall register online on the TPs/ TCs that are already accredited by the respective government body.
  3. The various fields that are to be captured to register the TPs/ TCs are as follows:


  1. General

  1. Name, Email, Mobile number and Aadhaar of CEO/ MD / Head *
  2. Name, Email ID and Mobile number, Aadhaar of the Authorized Signatory *
  3. Name, Email ID, Mobile number, Aadhaar of the Single Point of Contact (SPOC)*
  4. Landline No. and Contact Address of the TP *
  5. Bank Details with Account Number *,Bank Name * ,Branch Name *,IFSC Code * and Bank Address

2. Financial 

  1. Year of Incorporation * , Permanent Account Number (PAN) of the TP *            
  2. Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN) of the TP
  3. The following proof has to be uploaded
  4. Certificate of Incorporation of the TP *, PAN Proof *, TAN Proof

3.  Details for TC

  1. Name of TC
  2. Address of TC
  3. Name of SPOC
  4. Mobile number of SPOC
  5. Email SPOC
  6. Name of scheme
  7. Job roles for TC under the scheme
  8. Number of students per Job role for the scheme


iv. The approver of Government body has to approve the TP/ TCs entered

v. Upon approval by the government body, the TP/ TCs will receive email and sms with details of their username and password to log into

vi. The TPs shall login to and select trainees.


5.1 Procedure for Shortlisting of Registered Trainees

  1. Trainees will be tele-counselled to determine the veracity of the data and their inclination towards training and placement.
  2. Tele-counselled Trainees will be placed in a separate folder titled “Counselled” for selection by accreditated TPs or for further counselling. Those interested will be contacted through SMS    and invited to be counselled face to face either at DSO office or at Kaushalya Bhagya events which will be held at six monthly intervals to ascertain their qualifications, assess their aptitudes, check their documents and impart orientation, soft skill training and / or carry out RPL.
  3. The Kaushalya Bhagya events will be held preferably in Taluka Headquarters and accreditated TPs will be invited to attend these to select trainees face to face. Counselled Trainees will be placed in a folder titled “Training Ready” and those who receive training successfully shall be placed in a folder titled “Placement Ready”. 
  4. Those trainees who refuse training or seem to have submitted incorrect data or information or cannot be contacted by their telephones or are not qualified (by age) for training will be placed in a folder titled “Invalid”. They will be sent an SMS, e-mail and postcard seeking response and correction of the data within 30 days failing which they will be de-registered by Director Skill Mission.



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