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Telecom -In-store promoter-Assessment Criteria

Author:Asha|March 14th, 2019

Annexure: Assessment Criteria

Assessment Criteria
Job Role Telecom – In-Store Promoter
Qualification Pack TEL/Q2101, V. 1.0
Sector Skill Council Telecom


Sr. No Guidelines for Assessment
1 Criteria for assessment for each Qualification Pack will be created by the Sector Skill Council. Each Performance Criteria (PC) will be assigned marks proportional to its importance in NOS. TSSC will also lay down proportion of marks for Theory and Skills Practical for each PC.
2 The assessment for the theory part will be based on knowledge bank of questions created by the TSSC.
3 Individual assessment agencies will create unique question papers for theory part for each candidate at each examination/training center (as per assessment criteria below)
4 To pass the Qualification Pack, every trainee should score overall of 70%.
5 In case of successfully passing only certain number of NOS’s, the trainee is eligible to take subsequent assessment on the balance NOS’s to pass the Qualification Pack


Assessable Outcome Assessment Criteria Total Mark (300) Out Of Marks Allocation
Theory Skills Practical
1. TEL/N2104 (Managing the Counter) PC1. adhere to specified uniform/dress code as per grooming guidelines 100 10 0 10
PC2. arrange counter and keep it clean and tidy 30 0 30
PC3. display merchandise, brochures, leaflets to draw customer’s attention 30 10 20
PC4. monitor stock and facilitate stock replenishment 30 10 20
TOTAL 100 20 80
2.TEL/N2105 (Sale and promotion of handsets) PC1. obtain sales targets from store manager 100 10 10 0
PC2. open sales call with enthusiasm to convert into a positive lead 20 5 15
PC3. probe to identify and address needs of the customer 10 0 10
PC4. offer and demonstrate varied range of products to walk-in customer 20 10 10
PC5. handle customer’s doubts and objections 10 0 10
PC6. transit customer smoothly from the sale counter to the billing counter 10 0 10
PC7. up-sell and cross-sell associated products Knowledge and Understand 20 10 10
TOTAL 100 35 65
3. TEL/N2106 (Daily reporting) PC1. submit reports on daily target versus achievement 100 20 10 10
PC2. track unit-wise, model-wise, value-wise MTD sales at regular intervals 30 15 15
PC3. review sales targets versus achievement, with store manage 25 15 10
PC4. submit stock requirement report, whenever necessary 25 25 0
TOTAL 100 65 35
Grand Total 300 300 120 180
Percentage Weightage: 40% 60%
Minimum Pass% to qualify (aggregate): 70%



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