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Advertisement Guidelines

Author:Kaushalkar|October 24th, 2018

These guidelines are intended to clarify what website advertisements are acceptable or not acceptable to Department of Skill Development, Entrepreneurship and Livelihood (SDEL) on its website www.kaushalkar.com and to delineate clear policy and framework including flexible and transparent pricing.


SDEL wishes to maximise the opportunities for training, job-creation and placement for its users by highly subsidised advertising on its website and therefore, wherever possible, will permit advertising ensuring that the process of accepting and displaying advertising does not conflict with other, more dominant policy or operational objectives. SDEL will not take a ‘white listing’ approach (i.e. defining permitted advertising) but rather follows a ‘black listing’ approach (i.e. assuming that advertising is permitted unless it falls into a number of prohibited categories, as defined in more detail below). Further, permitting advertising shall not mean in any way, SDEL’s endorsement of a product, person or a service but only an acknowledgement of the objective of use of a public forum for wider dissemination and exchange of information. All users must exercise their own tests of verification and evaluation. SDEL is not responsible for the copyright or legal implications or veracity of any advertisement published on its website.

Political organisations may not advertise on the web site. Socially contentious issues or political content shall not be allowed. SDEL reserves the right to decide whether an issue is or is not contentious and if the advertising may or may not be displayed. Advertising for gambling or betting services is not permitted. No product endorsements shall be permitted.

Any content or advertising which has any sexual ‘tone’, which features partial or complete nudity or which appears to promote or give undue publicity to illegal or inappropriate behaviour or lifestyles will also be excluded. SDEL reserves the right to determine what behaviour it considers inappropriate.