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Future Skills – Job Role

Author:Kaushalkar|November 19th, 2019

Skill Mission, Karnataka is happy to introduce Future Skills into the CMKKY Scheme. The Job roles are as follows:

Sl no Name of the QP QPRef.ID
1 Associate – Analytics SSC/Q2101
2 Security Analyst SSC/Q0901
3 Penetration Tester SSC/Q0912
4 AI – Data Quality Analyst SSC/Q8101
5 AI – Business Intelligence Analyst SSC/Q8102
6 AI – Visualization Specialist SSC/Q8103
7 AI – Machine Learning Engineer  SSC/Q8113
8 IoT – Solution Architect SSC/Q8202
9 IoT – Hardware Solution Designer SSC/Q8203
10 IoT – Software Analyst SSC/Q8205


Please Click here to download the entire list