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General Duty Assistant-Trainer Prerequisites

Author:Asha|July 19th, 2019

Trainer Prerequisites for Job role: “General Duty Assistant” mapped to Qualification Pack: “HSS/Q5101, version 1.0”

Sr.No. Area Details 
1 Description To deliver accredited training service, mapping to the curriculum detailed above, in accordance with the Qualification Pack “HSS/Q5101”.
2 Personal Attributes Aptitude for conducting training, and pre/ post work to ensure competent, employable
candidates at the end of the training. Strong communication skills, interpersonal skills,
ability to work as part of a team; a passion for quality and for developing others; wellorganisedand focused, eager to learn and keep oneself updated with the latest in the mentioned field
3 Minimum
Educational Qualifications
  • NSQF Level 4 certified General Duty Assistant with 6 years of experience
  • B.Sc. (Nursing) with one year of experience
  • GNM with three years of experience
4a Domain Certification Certified for Job Role: “General Duty Assistant” mapped to QP: “HSS/Q5101”, version 1.0 with scoring of minimum 85%.
4b Platform Certification Recommended that the Trainer is certified for the Job Role: “Trainer”, mapped to the Qualification Pack: “SSC/Q1402” with scoring of minimum 90%
5 Experience Minimum 1 year site experience for B.Sc. (Nursing) Or • Minimum 3 years site experience for GNM Or • Minimum 6 years site experience for NSQF Level 4 certified General Duty AssistantHSS/Q5101, version 1.0



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