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General Duty Assistant-Training Outcomes

Author:Asha|July 19th, 2019

This program is aimed at training candidates for the job of a “General Duty Assistant”, in the “Healthcare”
Sector/Industry and aims at building the following key competencies amongst the learner

Program Name General Duty Assistant
Qualification Pack Name & Reference ID HSS/Q5101, version 1.0
Version No. 1.0
Pre-requisites to Training Preferably Class X, but Class VIII is also considered in certain situations
Training Outcomes After completing this programme, participants will be able to:
• Discuss & verbalize the role of a basic healthcare provider
• Demonstrate techniques to maintain the personal hygiene needs of a patient
• Practice infection control measures
• Demonstrate the ability to perform clinical skills essential in providing basic healthcare services
• Promote safety, understand usage of protective devices and demonstrate precautions to be taken while usage of Oxygen
• Demonstrate professional behavior, personal qualities and characteristics of a General Duty Assistant
• Demonstrate right methods of bio medical waste management
• Demonstrate Basic Life Support, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation and other actions in the event of medical and facility emergencies
• Demonstrate good communication, communicate accurately and appropriately in the role of General Duty Assistant and demonstrate professional appearance and demeanor



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