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Author:Kaushalkar|February 5th, 2019




Application Fees For Accreditation 1 Year For Renewal 1 Year
Per VTAAP Rs 10000 Rs 5000
Per Sector Rs 1000 Rs 500


Fees dare to be paid upon intimation by Skill Mission (Fees are not required for EOI)

Additional Guidelines for Assessor Certification Process

  1. Assessment Agency need to have a pool of Assessors for conducting assessments who would be assessed and certified by SKILL MISSION.
  2. The Assessors will be evaluated on domain knowledge (levels 1-6), currency of Skill Sets, Standard Operational Procedures and Guidelines and Professional Credentials for becoming an Assessor for evaluating Qualification Pack / Job Role through a SKILL MISSION Assessor Certification Process.
  3. Assessment Agency needs to upload / share the assessor profile with full photograph via SKILL MISSION’s Web Application / Mobile App to enable assessment and certification.
  4. Assessment Agency to deploy only Certified Assessor having Assessor Registration Code (ARC) assigned by Skill Mission.
  5. Assessment Agency has to ensure that all the assessors (existing or new) are SKILL MISSION certified with ARC.
  6. Assessment Agency would be responsible to orient the assessor on the Q/P- NOS assessment process before they undergo the Assessor Certification.

B.Guidelines for Selection applicable for New and Existing Assessment Agencies:

  1. Experience in conducting retail assessment, existing clientele list corporate with references and presence in other SSC.
  2. Pan Karnataka Presence
  3. Capability to execute timely assessment across the length and breadth of the state.
  4. Capability to have facilities to conduct assessment in both online and offline.
  5. Good content team who contribute to the question bank a minimum of 100 Questions per Job Role which could be used in assessment post validation and approval by SKILL MISSION.
  6. Capability of Proctoring, Recording and Videography of the assessment process.
  7. The Assessment Agency should conform to Non franchise model and undisputed business identity.
  8. Willingness and Capability to conduct assessment for PWD batches.

C.Guidelines for Assessment Process:

  1. Would be notified by SKILL MISSION about the need to complete the assessment for a training batch.
  2. Within 2 working day of receipt of information on the training batches by the training partner / SKILL MISSION, provide decision to accept assessment.
  3. Video recording the assessment to be part of assignment.
  4. Co-ordinate and Liaise with training partners to get information about completion of training batches so that they could plan the assessment.
  5. It would be the responsibility of the Assessment Agency to notify SKILL MISSION about the changes in the assessment dates in concurrence with the training partner.
  6. Within two working days of acceptance of conducting the assessment, share the details of approved assessors deputed to carry out assessments.
  7. Ensure that certified assessors are sent to training locations/sites within the specified date and time.
  8. Assessment Agency has to ensure that the assessor conducts and completes the necessary centre audit on time.
  9. Conduct assessments conforming to assessment guidelines and that these are undertaken as per the pre–defined format and in accordance with each of the performance criteria outlined in respective qualification packs.
  10. Ensure that the assessment exercise happens within the stipulated timeline without any deviation and that on–site visits are conducted by the partner to cross–check for quality and transparency of assessment exercises and video record the same.
  11. SKILL MISSION will validate and approve/share the results of the assessment undertaken as applicable under the respective scheme.
  12. Assessment Agency should ensure that the assessor results are uploaded into www.kaushalkar.com within time span of 72 hours of completion of assessment.
  13. Assessment Agency should provide the final results to SKILL MISSION within seven working days of the completion of the assessment.
  14. Assessing Agency should digitize and maintain all records of assessments conducted for a period of 3 years
  15. Provide Qualitative analysis as required
  16. Explain the Assessment Process to all Candidates and VTPs and answer their post assessment queries if any.
  17. Conduct re-assessment if on complaint from VTP or Candidates if so directed by Skill Mission free of charge. Re-assessment is automatic if more than 75% Aspirants fail.

D.Guideline for the Assessment of Candidate:

(a) Design of Assessment Tools

  1. Assessment tools designed to test both practical skills and theoretical knowledge.
  2. Parameters for assessing student’s abilities or understanding should be aligned to the relevant competencies that are expected to be acquired at the end of the training.

III. Expected standards of performance for each competency should be clearly defined and Student’s performance assessed against these standards.

IV. Refer Summative Assessment Framework [Suggestive/Recommended]

V.Questionnaires/ test papers would be as objective as possible (restrict use of open ended questions to the minimum) such as multiple choice questions, yes/no or True / False types.

VI.Questions framed should be simple and without ambiguity.


(b) Scoring

  1. All assessments recommended as part of the curriculum should be faithfully administered
  2. All assessments should be scored carefully and a log of all scores for every candidate Maintained.

iii. Batch wise/ Learner wise hard copies and soft copies of assessment forms and scores should be maintained in digitized form and be readily available for any audit by SKILL MISSION / NSDC or third party.

IV.At the end of the assessment the Assessment Agency would provide SKILL MISSION with a Summation of Scores for the batch and keep in-depth qualitative analysis readily available

(c)  Guidelines for Assessment Claims and Reimbursement

1.Monthly invoices to be raised on the 25th of the month for all the assessment completed and results declared on www.kaushalkar.com.

2.Ensure that all the invoices are duly sealed and signed as mentioned below

(a)Attendance sheet – signed by the assessor and the centre manager with the seal of the center and also with the seal of the Assessment Agency while submitting the invoice

(b)Feedback form signed by the assessor and signed by the centre manager with the seal of the center and the assessment while submitting the invoice