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Helper – Dry Operations (Finished Leather)-Equipment Details

Author:Asha|June 13th, 2019
Equipment Name Minimum number of Equipment required (per batch of 30 trainees) Minimum number of Equipment required (per batch of 25 trainees) Minimum number of Equipment required (per batch of 20 trainees) Unit Type Is this a mandatory Equipment to be available at the Training Center (Yes/No)
Buffing Machine 1 Number No
Dusting Machine 1 number No
Shaving Machine 1 Number No
Staking Machine 1 number No
Toggling Machine 1 number No
Molisha Machine 1 number No
Wooden Table 10 inch No
Weighing Machine 1 Number No
Measuring Tape 5 Meter Yes
Scissors 10 Pieces Yes
Stainless Steel Scale 5 inch Yes
Leather Thickness Measuring Gauge (Dial Caliper) 1 Piece Yes
Garbage Bins 3 Pieces No
Dust Pan with Handle & Broom 1 Piece No
Dry Mop 1 Pieces No
Wet Mop 1 Pieces No
Water Bucket 1 Pieces No
Cutting Plier 1 Pieces Yes
Cleaning Brush 2 Pieces No
Spanner 2 Set Yes
Allen Key Set 1 Set Yes

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