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Helper – Dry Operations (Finished Leather)-Training Outcomes

Author:Asha|June 13th, 2019

This program is aimed at training candidates for the job of a “Helper- Dry Operations (Finished
Leather)”, in the “Leather” Sector/Industry and aims at building the following key competencies amongst the learner

Program Name Helper – Dry Operations (Finished Leather)
Qualification Pack Name & Reference ID. Helper – Dry Operations (Finished Leather) LSS/Q0902, V 1.0
Version No. 1.0
Pre-requisites to Training Class V
Training Outcomes After completing this programme, participants will be able to:

  • Gain knowledge on overview of leather industry and generic skills: General instructions to importance of leather industry, general hazards in leather industry, basic health safety and hygiene precautions, generic skills to be followed in leather industry.
  • Identify and use basic tools, equipment & materials: Effectively identify, select & use the specified tools, materials and equipment relevant to dry operations.
  • Learn and assist various dry operations in finished leather: Assist in buffing, shaving, staking, toggling and mechanical operations to manufacture finished leather.
  • Handle work area, tools and machines appropriately: Ensure correct handling of material, tools and machines, maintain clean and hazard free work area, proper usage of cleaning equipment, maintain correct usage of workplace tools and equipment.
  • Become well versed with environment, health, safety & security at work: Well versed with health and safety measures in terms of personal safety and equipment safety relevant to dry operations.
  • Follow industrial regularity and organizational requirements: Carry out work in accordance with organizational guidelines and procedures, identify and report any possible deviation.



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