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Home Delivery Boy- Curricullum/Syllabus

Author:Asha|April 15th, 2019

This course encompasses 8 out of 8 National Occupational Standards (NOS) of “Home Delivery Boy”, Qualification Pack issued by “Tourism and Hospitality”.

Sr. No Topic / Module Key Learning Outcomes Equipment Required
1 Home Delivery – Areas of Preparation
Theory Duration (hh:mm) 04:00 Practical Duration (hh:mm) 16:00
Corresponding NOS Code THC/N2904
  • List and explain the various aspects vehicle maintenance.
  • Read and explain delivery instructions and orders.
  • Demonstrate correct procedure to clean a vehicle used for delivery.
  • Identify any fault in the functioning of the vehicle.
  • Read an F&B delivery order and physically check the products after collection.
  • Identify the correct container of packaging to ensure temperature control.
  • Stack the Vehicle F&B box appropriately.
  • Identify fragile containers and use correct procedures of packing and stacking
2 The Delivery Process – Route Mapping and Delivery
Theory Duration (hh:mm) 04:00 Practical Duration (hh:mm) 20:00
Corresponding NOS Code THC/N2905
  • List and explain the major landmarks and buildings in a 3km radius
  • Identifying fastest routes to deliver several destinations
  • Carry out all the steps of carrying and delivering food and beverages at the right temperature.
  • Explain the different promotions at your establishment.
  • Deliver promotional materials and explain their use and due date.
  • Bill the guest appropriately.
  • Correctly make entries into the
  • Order Delivery Form and obtain customer signatures
3 Report Writing – Dealing with paperwork
Theory Duration (hh:mm) 04:00 Practical Duration (hh:mm) 22:00
Corresponding NOS Code THC/N2906
  • List and explain the different types of reports
  • Check battery, oil, tyres, break and fuel and vehicle cleaning as per procedures.
  • Note all readings in a vehicle log book.
  • Identify various columns of the delivery report format.
  • Correctly enter the delivery details and obtain customer signatures and submit to the supervisor.
  • Identify various columns of the day’s work report.
  • Correctly fill up the report and submit to supervisor.
  • Tally all cash sales as per the daily cash collection report.
  • Submit report and authenticate with the cashier.
  • Demonstrate procedures to handle float cash.
  • Fill out forms for maintenance requirements.
  • Write an accident report.
  • Write an incident report.
4 Effective Communication – Customers and Colleagues
Theory Duration (hh:mm) 10:00 Practical Duration (hh:mm) 34:00
Corresponding NOS Code THC/N9901
  • Identify the key elements of communication process.
  • List and explain the barriers to communication.
  • Explain job orders and instructions received
  • Display all steps in handling Customer Complaints.
  • Escalate unresolved complaints
  • Communicate through coordination within departments.
  • Share Information appropriately
  • Identify and resolve conflicts.
  • Demonstrate etiquettes
  • Display multi tasking ability
  • Display shared responsibility
  • Demonstrate the needs of the guest by proper questioning techniques
  • Brief the customers correctly about their queries
  • Promote F&B products through social media.
  • Listen to verbal and non-verbal communication effectively.
  • Differentiate between positive and negative communication.
  • Demonstrate positive body language when dealing with guests and colleagues.
  • Explain the various types of feedback.
  • Reply to emails and voice messages.
  • Explain terms and conditions correctly
  • Organise feedback sessions
5 Customer Oriented Service
Theory Duration (hh:mm) 08:00 Practical Duration (hh:mm) 16:00
Corresponding NOS Code THC/N9902
  • Differentiate between different types of customers
  • Identify the characteristics of customers in the target segment
  • Focus on customer needs
  • Display behaviour of honesty and transparency.
  • Communicate likes and dislikes of customers to seniors
  • Provide service beyond the minimum expected standards
  • Exhibit industry benchmarks for quality service and understand ratings.
  • Give service that will create repeat customers
  • Explain the marketing plans and strategies.
  • Execute the plans through concrete actions.
  • Steps involved in creative thinking and deliver innovative service
  • Differentiate between the costs involved in delivering innovative
  • Services
6 Etiquettes and Behaviors of Service Theory Duration (hh:mm) 04:00 Practical Duration (hh:mm) 18:00
Corresponding NOS Code THC/N9903
  • List and explain standard statements to be used in guest interaction
  • Display a professional grooming standard
  • Use appropriate tone, pitch and language to convey politeness and care.
  • Use appropriate titles and terms to convey respect.
  • Explain charges and taxes.
  • Rectification procedure in case of errors in billing.
  • Using correct follow-up procedures and apologise to customers.
  • Differentiate grievances which can only be handled by senior staff.
  • Record accurate details and forward it to the right supervisor for escalation.
  • Explain your role in the escalation process
7 Handling Diversity in Service – Gender / Age groups
Theory Duration (hh:mm) 08:00 Practical Duration (hh:mm) 12:00Corresponding NOS Code THC/N9904
  • Explain diversity and its aspects.
  • Differentiate between service procedures to handle diverse groups.
  • Explain the rights and facilities available to women in the workforce.
  • Explain what constitutes sexual harassment
  • Explain the procedures to handle sexual harassment.
  • Identify ways to deal correctly with women clients
  • Demonstrate correct procedures to deal with senior customers.
  • List and explain unique facilities provided to senior citizens.
  • Demonstrate correct procedures to deal with children.
  • List and explain unique facilities provided to children.
  • Explain safety issues
  • Ensure safety of diverse customers at all times
8 Health and Hygiene

Theory Duration (hh:mm) 08:00 Practical Duration (hh:mm) 12:00

Corresponding NOS Code THC/N9906

  • Differentiate between types of waste and their disposal.
  • Demonstrate the procedure of holding and disposing of different types of waste.
  • Explain the different types of pests.
  • Implement pest prevention procedures in pickup areas and vehicles
  • Demonstrate basic hygiene behaviours at the workplace
  • Explain components of personal hygiene
  • Explain reasons of cross contamination and exhibit procedures which can prevent it.
  • Explain the importance of yearly checkups.
  • Explain how illness could be transferred through food.
  • Explain the importance of eating hygienic and nutritious food.
Total Duration 200 Hrs Theory Duration 50:00
Practical Duration 150:00
Unique Equipment Required: The set-up required to deliver this training programme include that of a Practical Room with adequate space for practising packing and stacking of various food products. It is expected that all learners will receive sufficient supplies and practice time to develop requisite competencies: Laptop, white board, marker, projector, first aid kit, Motor Cycle, Bag Pack Packaging Material, Racks, Helmets, Traffic Signals Symbols Chart, Belt Pouch, Vehicle Maintenance Checklist, First Aid Box, Computer Or Pos KOT Printer, Restaurant promotional material, Hot case or Hot box, Local area maps, Promotion Pamphlets, Colour coded waste bins Formats a. Bills b. Bill summary sheet c. Cash collection sheets d. Order delivery forms e. Vehicle usage sheet f. Vehicle inspection sheet g. Day work report h. Maintenance report i. Accident report j. Incident report k. Feedback forms l. Comment cards m. Grievance Escalation sheet

Grand Total Course Duration: 200Hours, 0 Minutes

Recommended OJT Hours: 30 days as a Home Delivery Boy in a Hotel/Restaurant/ covering the practical aspects of the job
(This syllabus/ curriculum has been approved by SSC: Tourism and Hospitality Skill Council)


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