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Junior Backhoe Loader Operator-Assessment Criteria

Author:Asha|July 12th, 2019

Annexure : Assessment Criteria

Assessment Criteria for  Backhoe Loader Operator 
Job Role Backhoe Loader Operator 
Qualification Pack IES/Q 0102 Version 1.0
Sector Skill Council Infrastructure Equipment


Sr.No. Guidelines for Assessment
1 Criteria for assessment for Qualification Pack has been laid down based on the NOS’s. Each Performance Criteria (PC) has been assigned marks proportional to its importance within NOS and weightages have also been given among the NOSs accordingly.
2 The assessment of the theory/knowledge will be based on written test/viva or both while skill test shall be hands on practical. Behaviour and attitude will be assessed while performing the assigned task
3 The assessment shall be done as per the guidelines formulated by IESC. The assessment agencies in consultation with IESC will create unique question papers for theory/knowledge and practical skills at each IESC accredited testing centres (as per assessment criteria below)
4 To pass the Qualification Pack, every trainee should score a minimum of 40% in each NOS and 50% aggregate. In case of successfully passing only certain number of NOS’s, the trainee is eligible to take subsequent assessment on the balance NOS’s to pass the Qualification pack


National Occupation Standards  Performance Criteria  Total Mark Marks Allocation
Out of Theory Practical
1. IES/N0104 Assist in  carrying outpre-operation checks for backhoe operations PC1. Visually inspect the body components for cracks and bearing wear 75 5 5 0
PC2. Inspect the boom and the stick for dents and cracked welds 0 0 0
PC3. Inspect all ground engaging tools to ensure stability 5 0 5
PC4. Check that oil levels of engine, transmission, radiant coolant and brake are as per manufacturer’s indicators 5 0 5
PC5. Check differential and hydraulic oil levels 5 0 5
PC6. Check the hydraulic hose and ram for leakages 5 0 5
PC7. Conduct checks to ensure proper condition of parking brake, main horn, reverse horn and head light 5 0 5
PC8. Check fan belt tension, electrolyte level and terminal tightness 5 0 5
PC9. Conduct visual inspection to check the various controls, gauges, warning lamp and other safety devices 0 0 0
PC10. Check load chart is displayed in cabin 5 0 5
PC11. Check and adjust driving position, rear and side mirrors, seat belts and set them as per comfort level 5 0 5
PC12. Clean air filter dust bowls and check the gasket and inner filter 5 0 5
PC13. Drain water and sediment from the fuel tank 5 0 5
PC14. Top up coolant and oil in engine, transmission, etc. if necessary as per manufacturer’s indicators 5 5 0
PC15. Ensure that all greasing pins and pivots points are well greased 5 5 0
PC16. Examine the compressor unit and all fittings and air lines 0 0 0
PC17. Check clearance of the drawbar ball and socket, look for excessive free-play, and adjust if necessary 0 0 0
PC18. Ensure the locking bar is in position to prevent the front and rear chassis moving and creating a crushing zone (articulated machines only) 5 5 0
PC19. Keep footplates and steps clean and free from mud, dirt and oil 0 0 0
PC20. Walk completely around the backhoe loader to check that no one is under or on the machine before operating 0 0 0
PC21. Get the log book of activities performed approved by the operator 5 5 0
Total 75 25 50
2.IES/N0105 Assist in backhoe operations PC1. Assist in inspection of the worksite to identify and loose soil, hidden deep trenches or marshy patches where a compactor could get stuck 50 5 5 0
PC2. Carry out and assist in all pre-use and running checks 0 0 0
PC3. Assist in determining speed and direction of machine, as per the specified function 0 0 0
PC4. Assist in ascertaining the right location to begin operations 5 5 0
PC5. Continuously monitor hazards and risks , and ensure safety of self, other personnel, plant and equipment 5 5 0
PC6. Remove the obstacles if any during the digging process 5 0 5
PC7. Assist in modifying the operating technique to meet changing work conditions 0 0 0
PC8. Assist in using stabilizers to ensure the machinery is completely immobile while digging 5 0 5
PC9. Assist the operator to select, attach and apply slings and lifting gear in accordance with safe working load requirements 5 0 5
PC10. Assist in positioning and locating machinery to ensure stability to effectively shift materials according to job specifications 5 5 0
PC11. Assist the operator in shifting load safely and effectively 5 0 5
PC12. Assist in moving load using hand/audible/ communication signals 0 0 0
PC13. Assist in removing attachments after use 5 0 5
PC14. Clean and store removed attachments 5 5 0
Total 50 25 25
3.IES/N0106 Assist in regular maintenance of the backhoe loader PC1. Clean air filter dust bowls at regular intervals 50 5 5 0
PC2. Clean footplates, pedals and steps free from mud, dirt, ice and snow at regular intervals 5 5 0
PC3. Replenish coolants, lubricants and fluids everyday 5 5 0
PC4. Grease all greasing pins and pivot points everyday 5 0 5
PC5. Check battery levels and condition of the terminals and carry out minor adjustments if required 5 0 5
PC6. Check and maintain the tyre rims, air pressure, wheel nits and treads as per manufacturer’s indicators 5 0 5
PC7. Ensure the machine is on firm and level ground before attempting to carry out any maintenance; track machine operating hours to assess the right service schedule 5 0 5
PC8. Ensure that no maintenance task on the engine is performed when running or still hot 5 0 5
PC9. Assess when the problem is beyond his competence and report the problem to the operator 5 0 5
PC10. Handle and dispose waste based on environmental guidelines at the work place 0 0 0
PC11. Follow reporting procedures as laid down by  the employer 0 0 0
PC12. Report defects precisely to the operator if beyond scope of his role 5 0 5
PC13. Report defects precisely to the operator and supervisor if beyond scope of his role 0 0 0
Total 50 15 35
Comply with worksite health and safety guidelines
PC1. Comply with safety, health, security and environment related regulations/ guidelines at the work site 25 0 0 0
PC2. Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other safety gear such as seat belt, body protection, respiratory protection, eye protection, ear protection and hand protection 5 0 5
PC3. Follow safety measures during operations to ensure that the health and safety of self or others (including members of the public) is not at risk 0 0 0
PC4. Carry out operations as per the manufacturer’s and worksite related health and safety guidelines 0 0 0
PC5. Handle the transport, storage and disposal of hazardous materials and waste in compliance with worksite health, safety and environmental guidelines 5 0 5
PC6. Follow safety regulations and procedures with regard to worksite hazards and risks 5 0 5
PC7. Operate various grades of fire extinguishers, as applicable 0 0 0
PC8. Support in administering basic first aid and report to concerned team members, as required, in case of an accident 0 0 0
PC9. Respond promptly and appropriately to an accident/ incident or emergency situation, within limits of your role and responsibility 5 5 0
PC10. Record and report details related to operations, incidents or accidents, as applicable 5 5 0
Total 25 10 15



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