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Key features of the new Framework for Skill Development

Author:Kaushalkar|February 2nd, 2019
  • Demand Driven : Short term Training Courses to be finalized in consultation with Industry as per the NSQF standards till State Standards are Framed where feasible.
  • Online Web Application based : All the candidates aspiring to be Skilled to be registered on www.kaushalkar.com. Online selection of registered Trainees (Aadhaar linked) to avoid duplication and ensure they are resident in Karnataka.
  • Innovation for Inclusion :Inclusive framework by bringing the Jai Kaushal Jawan (Ex-servicemen), Widows of ex-servicemen, war-widows, specially abled, juvenile delinquents, Jail inmates (Kaushal karagruha) along with other skill seekers.
  • Flexible mechanism: Residential/ Non-residential, Full time/ Part time etc, RPL, Soft Skill Enhancement. Different levels of Training to meet demands of various Target groups.
  • Universal Centralized Accreditation of VTPs, TCs and Assessment Agencies: Training to be provided by Vocational Training Providers (TP) through the Training Centres (TC) under the Government, Private Sector and Industrial establishments. The Training Providers (TP) and the Training Centres (TC and/or MTC) should be registered online with the Department and should be accredited by prescribed Agency/ Body/ Committee. TPs and respective TCs of PMKVY, DDUGKY, NRLM, NULM, RGCY and CMKKY etc. should register on www.kaushalkar.com portal. Only duly accredited TCs shall be eligible to impart Training. No accredited TC or TP can sub-contract or sub-lease the training or provide training through franchisees. The TCs must be fully owned or leased by the TP or there should be a Joint Venture or contract or lease agreement which pre-dates the date of accreditation of the TC. No TC can be part of or in contract with more than one TP. Testing of Skills of Trainees by an independent assessing body that would not be involved in conduct of the training program to ensure that it is done impartially. The Assessing and Certification Body / Bodies will be appointed and monitored by the Skill Mission under the guidance of KSDA and the standards of assessment and certification will be set by KSDA in due course.
  • Placement Conditionality : Placement after training for at least 70 % of the trainees.
  • Placement Assistance : Those who do not receive placement after passing assessment of CMKKY training programs will receive special assistance for placement.