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Mechanic / Fitter -Curricullum\Syllabus

Author:Asha|May 22nd, 2019

This course encompasses 3 out of 3 National Occupational Standards (NOS) of “Mechanic / Fitter” Qualification Pack issued by “SSC: Skill Council for Mining Sector”.

Sr.No. Module Key Learning Outcomes  Equipment Required 
1 Introduction
Theory Duration (hh:mm) 20:00
Practical Duration (hh:mm) 10:00
Corresponding NOS Code Bridge Module
Understanding of following

  • The Mechanic / Fitter works like maintenance of HEMM Vehicles, its tyre, rotation, torque of HEMM, type of HEMM machine, Workshop rules, equipment handling, proper keeping of tool box etc.
  • Repair the machinery found faulty or replace with appropriate part and able to fit the part at original place with replacement
Bucket Loader, Front loader front-end loader, pay-loader, scoop, shovel, skip loader, or wheel loader
2 Perform Preventive Maintenance.
Theory Duration (hh:mm) 20:00
Practical Duration (hh:mm) 45:00
Corresponding NOS Code MIN/N 0309
This unit is about installation and preventive maintenance activities for HEMM, light vehicles and other machine assemblies. The Mechanic / fitter must be able to conduct:

  • Installing machines, mechanical components and equipment.
  • Conducting preventive maintenance of machine components in HEMM and other vehicles.
  • Various types of tools (spanners, jacks etc.) and their use.
  • Tracking and logging preventive maintenance activities.
  • Different types of heavy earth moving machines (H.E.M.M) used in open cast mines and their specific functions
  • Various types of lubricants and their importance. Storage and handling of lubricants.
  • Various types of bearings used in machines and their assembly techniques
  • Hot & Cold tyre pressure as per size of tyre,
  • Repair and overhauling Electronic and mechanical engines, manual and power shift transmissions
  • Use ropes, slings, towing and lifting devices while assembling equipment  Follow drawings and blue-prints given in the installation manual.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions which apply to the care and safe handling of the machine / automobile
  • Track hours-in-operation and adhere to preventive maintenance schedules of various vehicles assigned to him.
  • Maintain inventory and order fuel and other supplies
Tool Box, Assemble, Old engine, spanner, jack comparison part, Sample Helmet, gloves, harness, earplugs, goggles, node mask.
3 Perform Troubleshooting and Repair
Theory Duration (hh:mm) 20:00
Practical Duration (hh:mm) 70:00
Corresponding NOS Code MIN/N0310
This unit is about performing troubleshooting and repair activities of mechanical systems in HEMM, light vehicles and other machines.

  • Perform Diagnostics, Troubleshooting and repair of mechanical components in HEMM
  • Perform systematic recording and reporting of repair activities conducted.
  • Compare measured readings to optimal readings to pin-point faults
  • Service, diagnose and repair faults in mechanical systems such as gears, steering systems, hydraulic pumps, transmission, crawlers, conveyor belts etc.
  • Ensure the machine is on firm and level ground before attempting to carry out any maintenance activity.
  • Ensure the locking bar is in position to prevent the front and rear chassis moving and creating a crushing zone (articulated machines only)
  • Ensure that no maintenance task on the engine is performed when running or still hot
  • Repair or replace faulty parts
  • Use various kinds of hand held and power-tools to lift, dismantle or assemble machine components.
  • Fine tune and adjust valves, belt tensions for optimal operation.
  • Test repaired equipment to ensure everything is working correctly and safely (this may include road testing the vehicle).
Tool Box, Assemble, old engine, comparison part, gloves, Industrial workers helmet, Signage, poster on road traffic, rules & signs in mining, Safety poster on accidents, fire & environmental disasters, Fire extinguishers, Cradle, Paddling , Shovel, Safety jackets, Gloves, Safety shoes, Torch
4 Health & Safety
Theory Duration (hh:mm) 10:00
Practical Duration (hh:mm) 15:00
Corresponding NOS Code MIN / N0204
This unit is about health and safety measures critical in open-cast mines

  • Health and safety measures critical for personnel working in open-cast mines
  • Comply with occupational health and safety regulations adopted by the employer.
  • Follow mining operations procedures with respect to materials handling and accidents.
  • Adhere to the safety guidelines specified by Directorate General of Mine Safety (DGMS))
Gloves, Safety Shoes, goggles, Safety helmet, Fire extinguisher, Types of log book, First Aid box
Total Duration
Theory Duration (hh:mm) 60:00
Practical Duration (hh:mm) 150:00
Unique Equipment Required: Tool Box, Assemble, old engine, spanner, jack comparison part, Sample Helmet, gloves, harness, earplugs, goggles, node mask etc.

Grand Total Course Duration: 210 Hours, 0 Minutes (This syllabus/ curriculum has been approved by SSC: Skill Council for Mining Sector)



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