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Registration of Training Centre (TC)

Author:Kaushalkar|November 5th, 2018

4.1 Eligibility criteria for TCs

  1. Training Centres can be registered only by a Training Provider that is registered in Kaushalkar.com.
  2. The training centre should have the requisite infrastructure, manpower and resources as prescribed to undertake the training programs.
  3. Training Centres should not be franchises but may be in Joint Venture / Lease Agreement / Contract with a TP.

4.2 Registration and Submission of TC

4.2.1 The successfully registered TP should be provided an option to register the TCs by using the credential (username and password – refer 2.2.5)

4.2.2 The TP should have the option to add number of centres and provide the name for each centre. TPs having more than one TC in Karnataka can register multiple TCs by adding more locations in their login.

4.2.3 The TC registration should have the following sections:

  1. General
  2. Job Role
  3. Classroom
  4. Equipment
  5. Laboratory
  6. Trainer
  7. Centre Staff 


a. General

This section is meant to capture generic details of the TC as below:

  1. Name of the Training Provider : Should be auto reflected from TP login
  2. Training Centre Name
  3. Type of Training Centre Space
  4. Website (If Any) , Social Media Link (If Any)
  5. Availability of Biometric Attendance System and Aadhaar enabled biometric system
  6. Proximity to nearest transport (Mention Distance and Type of Transport)
  7. Type of building, Type of Construction: Pakka or Kaccha (“pakka” would mean “with RCC roof and masonry /plastered brick walls for main building”)
  8. Is the TC Currently Functional?
  9. Nature of internet connectivity
  10. Nature of Power backup , Hours of Power backup
  11. Total Carpet Area of Centre (In Sq Ft)
  12. Availability of Ramps at the Entrance of the Centre
  13. Availability of Washroom for Men and Women separately
  14. Availability of Safe Drinking Water
  15. Availability of Photocopier, Printer etc
  16. Contact Details with name of Head of Centre (HOC) with Aadhaar number
  17. Centre Address Details and location of TC with details of Location in Urban or Rural
  18. Address Proof and Latitude, Longitude of TC


Address Proof ID : TP should Upload File (The following can be provided as Address Proof- Certificate of Incorporation, Telephone Bill, Electricity Bill and Service Tax registration Certificate)

If the Electricity/Telephone Bill is not on Company’s Name, TP will have to upload rental agreement additionally merged in a single file.

The documents should be in the following formats: JPG | JPEG | PNG | GIF | BMP | PDF upto a maximum File Size 2MB.


b. Job role

  1. TP should select the skill sector which is mapped to Job role. TP can select multiple skill sectors and multiple job roles.


c. Class rooms

  1. TP Should enter number of classrooms, number of intended batches and seats per batch
  2. TP should also provide the number of batches per classroom


Maximum of 30 per batch shall be permitted.

Each classroom should accommodate not more than 30 trainees.


d. Equipment

TP should select the job role against which all equipment list should appear. TP should enter the number of equipment available and the other details (if any).


e. Laboratory

  1. TP should select the job role for which laboratory details in TC should be entered.
  2. TP should provide details of any additional area required for the Job role (eg Workshop)


f. Trainer

  1. TP should enter total number of trainers – number of part time and full time trainers.
  2. TP should enter the Trainer Name , Gender, Job role identified for trainer, Qualification, Experience, if TOT certified, Aadhaar Number, Mobile Number, State/UT, District and Taluk, Language of Instruction.
  3. The documents should be in the following formats: JPG | JPEG | PNG | GIF | BMP | PDF upto a maximum File Size 2MB.


If a trainer is full time with a TC, then the same trainer cannot be added to any other TC. For a part time trainer, the same trainer can also be added to any other TC in the same taluk only.


g. Centre staff

  1. TP should enter the staff type: Accountant, Receptionist/ Counsellor, Support staff, Technical staff, HOC/ Administrator, Others wherever permitted
  2. TP should then provide the staff name, Qualification, Experience, Job Type, Gender and Aadhaar Number
  3. The HOC of TP, TC, Administrator of TC and trainer can be same person for one TC only. Multiple roles across TC shall not be permitted.
  4. The documents should be in the following formats: JPG | JPEG | PNG | GIF | BMP | PDF upto a maximum File Size 2MB.

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