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Registration and Submission of Mobile Training Centre (MTC)

Author:Kaushalkar|February 22nd, 2019
  1. The minimum capacity of mobile training vehicle or centre would be 7 seater and maximum may be 15 seater in job roles with less than 50 hours of training requirement.
  2. Mobile Training Providers (MTPs) must own / lease the vehicles prefabricated and fitted with

(a) Genset

(b) LED/LCD/Screen/TV

(c) Projector

(d) Dongle based internet connectivity

(e) Adequate lighting and ventilation

(f) Trainee Seating and Training Desks

(g) Computer/Laptops with peripherals

(h) Audio visual Aids

(i) Training Equipment for the selected trades

(j) Suitable Biometric Attendance Device (may be portable)

(k) VTU ie., GPS based Vehicle Tracking Unit

  1. The Monitoring of MTCs to be done through a suitable GPS enabled software in addition to the established monitoring system.

TPs can have TC as well as MTC. Accredited TPs can add MTCs at any time for special projects of CMKKY.