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Registration of Trainees

Author:Kaushalkar|November 3rd, 2018
  1. All those seeking:   
a. Skill Training
b. Employment
c. Entrepreneurship & Livelihood
d. Apprenticeship

Should register on www.kaushalkar.com which is free of cost. The registration form in bi-lingual and available in English and Kannada.

2. The prescribed age spectrum for the registrants are as follows:

a. Jai Kaushal Jawan (Ex-servicemen) 33 to 50 Yrs
b. Widows of ex-servicemen, war-widows 18 to 50 Yrs
c. Specially challenged From 14 Yrs to 50 years
d. Juvenile delinquents  14 to 18 Yrs
e. Jail inmates (Kaushalkaragruha) 18 to 50 yrs
f. Farmers 18 to  50 yrs
g. All Others 18 to 35 yrs
       Farmers include those in animal husbandry, agriculture, horticulture, sericulture, fisheries and other allied sectors.
3. The registrant has to read the Aadhar consent form (Annexure B), provide consent and enter their Aadhar number in the registration form.
4. Aadhar number and mobile phone contact number is mandatory while registering and also to avail any services of Kaushalkar
5. The registrant can choose any of one of Skilling, employment, entrepreneurship or apprenticeship or any combination.
6. Upon successful registration the aspirant will receive SMS. 
7. The successfully registered aspirant will get a free email, self-service portal wherein they can have access to cyber storage, view prospective employment opportunities and edit specific data in their profile.
8. Registrant can login to utilize the various information and functionality that are available on Kaushalkar portal.
9. Registration of aspirants for Juvenile delinquents and Jail inmates would be done by the respective departmental officers and cannot be available in public domain.