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User Guide – Register as Training Provider

Author:Kaushalkar|March 20th, 2020
  1.  Visit web portal Keep your mouse on Registrations. A dropdown with 3 options will appear. Choose – Training Provider

2. There are 3 sections. General details, Financial and Skilling experience. Before you begin to fill the form, please have a scanned copy (below 2 MB each copy) of the following:

  • Address Proof (Incorporation certificate/ Telephone Bill/ GST registration/Electricity Bill)
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • PAN Card
  • Income tax returns of legal entity/ Audited Balance sheet
  • Proof of traininig (for existing skill training provider)

If you are an educational institution or currently in skill training- please choose Existing Training Provider


Please fill the correct bank details. The training costs will be released to this account.


  1.  Please fill all details in Financial


In case any wrong file is uploaded, the TP will be rejected and you will have to reapply. Hence, please upload correct details

  1. In case – you have chosen, existing skilling provider in “General” details, then Skilling tab will appear. Please fill all details


  1. In this option, please attach the photo of your authorized signatory with the specimen signature. This will be verified for all documentation between the training provider and KSDC


  1. Please choose the scheme that you will be involved. Please do not choose all schemes and we encourage to choose only relevant schemes. If a TP is found to have chosen irrelevant schemes, the TP will be rejected and all training center under the TP will stand cancelled.

Upon clicking ‘Submit’ – Username and Password to create Training Center will be sent as SMS to CEO mobile  number and  email to CEO email  (as entered in the TP registration form)

Please note the following:

  1. Please do not create multiple registrations for the same Training Provider – the system will block the TP and all its centers.
  2. Please fill correct details and submit – there is no option to edit any submitted detail.
  3. The system will reject any TP which is found to be the same.
  4. In case, any information provided by the TP is found to be incorrect, the TP will be rejected.
  5. Grading matrix is as per Guidelines.
  6. After registering as Training Provider, you will have to login to kaushalkar and add Training Centers.
  7. If you do not add Training Centers – further process of your registration is not possible.

Should you require to download the User Guide as PDF – please click here

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